Number Portability environment is constantly changing

Number Portability environment is constantly changing

Introducing of Number Portability (NP) within one jurisdiction could be driven by different drivers and obligations, but two of them usually have its significance in decision making. We should introduce NP because we must or because we want it.

First one is driven in most cases by some external drivers as legal obligations of specific country or part of arrangements in case of international industry or economy support. The second one is much more mature and it is driven by recognition to increase competitiveness of the telecommunication industry.

In both cases regulation and guidance is executed by National regulatory Agency (NRA) or Ministry itself meaning, a certain level of politics included. And when it comes to politics, the stakeholders of the process, in general operators of telecommunication services, are not being observed as equal, as they do not impose the same level of influence on political decision makers. And politics and influences are fluid in time.

On the other hand, number portability is completely new process within telco industry introducing centralised clearing house and reference data base concept, which means new entity on the market. Operators might have and they do have different strategies in early stages of number portability implementation, from “delay and destruct” strategy all the way to “full support” strategy. In next stages strategies diverts based on level of complexity of new process implementation within each of operator and future focus on business strategies using number portability as gaining or losing new subscribers.

Some operators execute a lot of efforts prior to new process launch hiring external consultants to achieve optimal internal process flow, possible, where others wait for launch and expect to change their processes on the way during learning best options for them.

So that is real life. Logical. But the requirements for selecting new entity on the market, that is Number Portability Clearing House and Number Portability Reference Data Base with all industry used processes, interfaces and rules are met some time prior of all mentioned strategies, influences, interests, process adoptions, operators learning curves and so on. You name it.

As there is a pressure from the stakeholders to change some of defined requirements in the process of introduction of number portability in the market, what to do? One is sure. To successfully launch such complex project, the requests for changes must be handled with diligence if they should be handled at all. Some argue, requirements are fixed until launch, afterwards let’s talk.

This is why regulators should be careful how to identify real requirements for project introduction knowing that modifications and new process introduction will and should took place in the future, as whole industry and its stakeholders are changing on a daily basis.

Teletech Solutions: Netprem REM

Teletech Solutions: Netprem REM

In the era of digitalization of all possible services a delivery of registered mail is one of the rare services that has still been dominated by the »old fashion« service – registered delivery of mail by the regular »physical« post. Due to the expand of different e-Services (e-Commerce, e-Trade, e-Government, e-Courts, e-Payment, etc.) in the past years, the need for trustable, reliable, faster and more efficient electronic equivalent for Registered E-mail delivery has increased significantly.

The Registered Email service (REM) combines the best of the two worlds – availability, speed and simplicity of the regular email service and trust, reliability and proof of deliver of the regular – »physical« registered mail. The REM service also provides much faster feedback when particular message or document has been delivered and even opened by the recipient. Sender and  recipient can also send or accept REM messages anywhere, anytime, on any device, so there are many very undisputed benefits compared to the »regular« registered port and emails.

Teletech INC

The grounds for registered e-delivery have been set in 2008 by the two standards – ETSI TS 102 640 set by European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) and the UPU-S52 standard published by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Both standards define how REM service should provide an electronic delivery of messages and documents and how different certificates of delivery are structured and provided. The standards have already been widely accepted by a number of national and private owned post offices across the World and became a defacto standards for registered e-delivery.

The REM service is most commonly used to send important documents where proof of delivery needs to be preserved for number of years. From this reason the REM service is most commonly integrated with e-archive service which ensures the stored certificates of delivery are stored on safe place and remain valid for required period of time.

NetPrem REM is Teletech’s solution for registered e-mail delivery. The solution is fully compliant with ETSI and UPU standards. NetPrem REM enables creation, editing and delivery of registered mails by using a trusted and secure REM web portal or by using other well known email IMAP clients like Outlook, Mozilla, etc. In addition to REM delivery it provides full support for e-business exchange (e-invoices, delivery notes, receipts, etc.) and it also integrates with NetPrem E-Archive for electronic archiving of REM messages, documents and delivery certificates. NetPrem E-Archive is fully compatible with RFC4810 – LTA (Long Term Archiving) and ETSI TS 101 903 V1.4.2 (2010-12) – standard of electronic signature. All documents in NetPrem eArchive are timestamped and electronically signed. Read more about the NetPrem REM and NetPrem eArchive.

Teletech INC - Netprem service



Mobile portability

Mobile portability

As mobile portability increasingly plays an important role in determining consumer behaviour, many companies and telecommunications actors realise that it is not a self explanatory field. All of the complexities and national characteristics are handled by the comprehensive mobile portability solution by Teletech, Quadon. This mobile portability solution is a way to link all existing applications already used by the operator or the regulator, and upgrade them with the necessary elements for a seamless and secure mobile portability process. Teletech with its expertize and experts is a trustworthy partner for all concerned, and our growing base of references is a proof of our quality.

mobile portability

We are experts for all processes of number portability: landline and mobile

Portability processes are assured by Teletech on a regular scale, and in all fields, which includes number portability of landline and mobile numbers. It is customary for telecommunications clients to choose operators on the basis of offers and advantages, whereby keeping the number regardless of the operator is increasingly a precondition. Numbers from original networks are being transferred to new ones with the use of the transfer directory database. Most countries nowadays have harmonised their rules and regulations, which means that portability processes are largely similar anywhere in the wolrd.Teletech as a leading actor in CEE has the experience and know-how needed to be able to guide you through these regulations, regardless of your location. Teletech has developed modular software elements, which can be inserted into the existing IT architecture and allow for seamless portability processes in all dimensions and directions.

Increasingly, the  benefits of number portability exceed the cost of number portability

Experts and stakeholders agree that the benefits of number portability justify and by far exceed the cost of number portability, landline and mobile. Businesses alone are convinced that their profit would decrease if their visibility and continuity were jeopardised by discontinuing their phone numbers. Indeed the main purpose of number portability is to fight monopolistic practices of telephone actors and to allow for a free competition space within the telecommunications field. As such, portability is encouraging competition and leads to more choice for consumers. Nowadays, all serious network operation need to integrate number portability into their business practices.

cost of number portability

Our mobile number portability system Quadon is presented at our website

Teletech devises solutions which are modular, this being the case also fort the mobile number portability system Quadon. It can be integrated into existing tools and upgraded with features concerning billing, archiving and registering email. All elements and additional information are available from our website. We would be happy to adapt our solutions to your needs, as we understand that your demands will depend on your location and situation. We ensure customised solutions based on your business processes. Our offices in several countries are at your disposal and we wait to hear from you. Should you be in the neighbourhood, we would be most happy to welcome you in person. If not, call us or send us an email, we will prepare you a personalized offer.

Mobile number portability

Mobile number portability

The question of mobile number portability has been one of the most important in telecommunications markets since the introduction of mobile phones. Teletech, a rapidly growing IT company based in Slovenia, has become a major player in the field due to their flexible, agile and personalized approach. In telecommunications, the accent is turning from standardized to personalized services and number portability is a major factor in gaining new clients and keeping old ones. Expectations of the market are high and comprise everything from innovation-based services regarding applications and cloud-based computing to landline and mobile networks, while internet access and software solutions also have a very important stake. With the world increasingly connecting and the wide-ranging Wi-Fi coverage the development of internet of things and artificial intelligence, the role of telecommunications is that of assuring seamless and easy procedures for consumers in their everyday lives, mobile number portability service being one of them.

mobile number portability

A well managed mobile portability service can increase profitability

While in some countries it can still take a few days to assure a reliable mobile portability service due to various external factors, Teletech has done everything to make sure that instant processes can be executed. The market has become very demanding, with phone calls being the business’ greatest income generator. Nevertheless, due to advances in system innovation, the accent in telecommunications today is less about voice and progressively about content. Mobile portability services allow operators to reliably guide consumers through the change of operator without visibly interrupting the data flow. Clients expect no long delays in accessing their email and uploading photos or watching videos. Knowing that the majority of users’ accesses the internet through their mobile devices, it is imperative to assure rapid web access and instant availability of data. As far as signal transmission goes, the trend in telecommunications is almost exclusively geared towards cable transmissions, for which telecommunications cables, coaxial cables or transmissions via the power grid or, increasingly  wireless are being used. It has been only as of recent that optical telecommunications lost their importance in the area of infrared remote controls and modems. Any telecommunications comany needs to understand the complexities of the market development in recent decades to be able to offer solutions that can leverage on the trends and adapt to rapid changes.

Quadon is a mobile number portability solution for mobile number portability process

Teletech’s own mobile number portability solution Quadon is an integrated tool, which can be used for all mobile number portability process and related procedures. With our references ranging from governance actors and private peer companies to IT operators and regulators alike we have managed to obtain a big pool of relevant experience which is used to assure the highest quality and modularity. Quadon is an upgradeable system, which can exist as an independent solution or can be integrated into applications that are being used by the stakeholder. It is compatible with all file formats and can function as a bridge or link to other Teletech applications in the areas of billing and archiving or registered email. In this way Quadon adds additional layers of flexibility and customized service to any solution offered to the client.

mobile portability service

We never underestimate the mobile number portability meaning

With Teletech’s young and motivated team, which understands the mobile number portability meaning and potential, we have done our utmost for a flexible and state-of-the –art service, offered to our clients. In the years of our rapid growth this approach has been confirmed several times, making us on of the most important players in this part of Europe. Our expertise includes experience gained in major IT companies at world scale. At this moment, effective worldwide capacity to exchange information over telecommunications networks was has an average growth rate of 28% per year. If we understand that this corresponds to the informational value of 2 daily newspaper pages per person per day in 1986, and 6 full daily newspapers per person per day in 2007, we can begin to grasp the whole potential and vast area of possibilities as presented by this sector. As experts and enthusiasts in the field, we make sure to employ first-rate personnel, thereby making sure to have the capacity to address clients’ needs in all their specificities. Our offices are spread among several countries, so please feel free to contact any of the,. You can find us in Slovenia, the UK and Tunisia, where we assure comprehensive coverage of all processes, while respecting national rules and regulations. We are a major player in the Balkans and have obtained very positive references from governance actors at the highest level. You are in well-trusted hands of our developers who have the skills and the knowledge to devise solutions with specific issues in mind.

Local number portability

Local number portability

While local number portability is not consistently defined in the various countries, Teletech has devised a solution which allows for seamless portability anywhere in the world. Quadon is a system, which was developed to assure easy portability any where in the world and seamless integration into any existing or previous IT applications used by stakeholders before. Teletech is a rapidly growing agile company, based in Slovenia, with offices in the UK and Tunisia, covering the whole of the world telecommunications market. We have been able to tap into the growing trend of IT industry at a time when innovation is increasingly becoming important not only in product but also service development. Our solutions in IT organizations and web access have earned us the trust of many important governance and business actors alike, with whom we have been able to work on customized solutions for the development of portability and the data-driven society.

local number portability

Quadon is easily integrated with any local number portability database

While phone calls keep on being the most important income generator, operators have an interest in having the best possible connections with the local number portability databases. Quadon, an integrated and modular software solution devised by Teletech to be deployed anywhere in the world, assures quick and seamless links with any local number portability database. Understanding that customers are increasingly deciding on the operator based on the speed and quality of the portability services, all telecommunications stakeholders have an interest in assuring the highest possible level of connectivity. It is increasingly true that while people use their mobile phones for different purposes, they still have some reluctance in making financial payments through mobile phones. This is, however changing, and with Quadon allowing for links with other Teletech-devised applications in the field of billing, e-archiving and registered email, all functions are easily integrated.

We have flexible number portability solutions for major benefits of number portability

Teletech experts have devised all of our products based on extensive experience and best practices gained in working with various clients across the globe, thereby developing number portability solutions for major benefits of number portability. Our standards are high because we understand the demands and constraints as put on the modern telecommunications business today. The rapid change and the constant technological innovation call for a flexible and adaptable approach. The increase spread of 4G networks has meant that now most clients access the internet through their mobile phones, thereby making up for time-losses and increasingly using internet on the go at all times. It is equally important to note the rise of the internet of things and the wearables, which go hand in hand with demands for constant and high-speed network coverage. Any telecommunications actor today is facing these trends and needs to be able to response in terms of solutions. While most clients today aren’t particularly worried about security yet, security is high on the agenda of governance and regulators. It is Teletech’s priority to devise solutions which guarantee the highest level of protection for clients, who remain, for the most part, easy victims of any possible breach attempt. With over 80 % having shared personal and sensitive information on the internet it is the duty of the IT companies such as ours, to provide for adequate protection levels.

local number portability database

Understanding what is local number portability has helped us grow in the market

Of course there are major differences among world countries as far as advances and network development are concerned, and Teletech understands what is local number portability database variability. This has helped us grow in the market due to the different levels of integrated content and scalability that our products allow. We have understood the rapid growth of mobile phones and are tapping into the circumstances of dependence of clients to their devices. It is commonly known that more than a third of consumers report checking their phones within five minutes of getting up in the morning. Additional 20 percent of them have stated checking their phone 50 times daily. This means that – putting behavioural and psychological risks aside – every telecommunications actor has an interest in gaining new clients and keeping existing ones and generating more profit through network traffic. In this light portability can help bring new customers. It is a fact that more than a fourth of all mobile phones are sold second-hand, creating immense possibilities for growth and additional clients’ acquisition. Telecommunications actors have an interest in devising and marketing strategies that would lure in new clients and sustain relationships with the existing ones. Our solutions guarantee that personalized and customized solutions can be devised for your market approach. We remain at your disposal for answering any questions and will be happy to offer you an in-depth explanation into our approaches. Regardless of your location, we will devise a solution for you.

Teletech Activity in 2018

Teletech Activity in 2018

One of the major telecommunication actors in the Central and Eastern European area, Teletech has continued its success story in 2018. We have again gained valuable contracts and important clients, while keeping our customer-oriented and agile approach. The secret of our success remains our hard work and dedicated solutions, which can be adapted to suit any clients’ needs. With our presence now extending from the Balkans to the UK and back into Tunisia, we are ready to cover different continents and languages. The trust of clients worldwide has encouraged us to push our boundaries and tap into the growth of the telecommunications markets all over the globe. In line with major industry developments, we have been able to adapt our services to the fact that the mobile landscape is getting more power and influence from the users’ side. All our activity reflects that and we have been actively developing our solutions to adapt them to the changes in the industry trends. Devices of clients globally can now we ported to all networks and all service plans. This means that software solutions need to be able to follow the clients’ moves between devices. Networks need to be able to give comparable levels of service anywhere, as consumers demands are increasing daily. IT actors need to be able to adapt to these circumstances and can gain immense value from flexibility and modularity. We have again proven that these are our key features, and remain among the highest growing actors in this part of Europe.


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We have convinced governance actors from near and far

In terms of number portability, our modular and upgradeable solution Quadon has increased its deployment in various jurisdictions. This is one of the main assets of our approach: regardless of the national rules and regulations, the number processes are assured and the software solutions can be linked to existing modules, as well as to other features, such as billing, archiving and registered email. We have launched several major contracts assuring number portability processes last year, and will continue to do so, notably for the ECTEL states – Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The actual launch has been set for 14th of January 2019. We have been successful in cooperating with a local partner in Bangladesh, where we also started mobile number portability in October 2018. We gained the trust of Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies last August as well. They published the CRDB interface specifications to provide all service providers with the required information, thereby allowing for even speedier and more efficient processes. We were selected to assure Barbados Number Portability Clearinghouse Services and are eagerly developing customized approaches to accommodate the specificities of the market.

Flexibility and customized approach are our main assets

In Slovenia, we have successfully closed a deal on providing and maintaining software solutions for an internal e-audit project in the framework of the national Budget Supervision Office of Slovenia. The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund and aimed at creating a uniform program aid for the interior processes of audit and controlling the stakeholders in the budgetary procedure. The software will help support sound public finances and contribute towards well-functioning budgetary procedures in Slovenia. We are very happy and excited to be able to embark upon the development and launch of the solutions in the coming year. Once again, this is a proof for us that our vision and mission are noticed and appreciated.

We continue to serve the customer with greatest attention

Teletech has managed to remain on top of the growth wave in the industry by being alert and flexible, always keeping the customer in the centre of the focus of activities. This has been highly appreciated by the market, by governance and business alike. Understanding the developments of the market has been immensely important for us to be able to respond properly. With increased use of the mobile instead of the fixed internet, the issue of number portability has gained even more momentum. Consumers are now using mobile internet for completing tasks that were reserved for home or office work before. A lot of time is spent on social networks, but also for leisure activities like watching and streaming content, video calling, uploading and downloading large files to and from clouds. Mobile operators have also seen and used a window of opportunity, which will continue and accelerate as the national 5G networks are rolled-out. Teletech stands ready to tap into and support this trends, while remaining a loyal and reliable service provider for private and public endeavours alike. Our motto is that nothing is too difficult to handle, and that everyone deserves a chance. We have built our reputation on service orientation and have gained new trust from clients in the past year. Ready for new challenges we thank you for that and invite you to follow us in the future.