While local number portability is not consistently defined in the various countries, Teletech has devised a solution which allows for seamless portability anywhere in the world. Quadon is a system, which was developed to assure easy portability any where in the world and seamless integration into any existing or previous IT applications used by stakeholders before. Teletech is a rapidly growing agile company, based in Slovenia, with offices in the UK and Tunisia, covering the whole of the world telecommunications market. We have been able to tap into the growing trend of IT industry at a time when innovation is increasingly becoming important not only in product but also service development. Our solutions in IT organizations and web access have earned us the trust of many important governance and business actors alike, with whom we have been able to work on customized solutions for the development of portability and the data-driven society.

local number portability

Quadon is easily integrated with any local number portability database

While phone calls keep on being the most important income generator, operators have an interest in having the best possible connections with the local number portability databases. Quadon, an integrated and modular software solution devised by Teletech to be deployed anywhere in the world, assures quick and seamless links with any local number portability database. Understanding that customers are increasingly deciding on the operator based on the speed and quality of the portability services, all telecommunications stakeholders have an interest in assuring the highest possible level of connectivity. It is increasingly true that while people use their mobile phones for different purposes, they still have some reluctance in making financial payments through mobile phones. This is, however changing, and with Quadon allowing for links with other Teletech-devised applications in the field of billing, e-archiving and registered email, all functions are easily integrated.

We have flexible number portability solutions for major benefits of number portability

Teletech experts have devised all of our products based on extensive experience and best practices gained in working with various clients across the globe, thereby developing number portability solutions for major benefits of number portability. Our standards are high because we understand the demands and constraints as put on the modern telecommunications business today. The rapid change and the constant technological innovation call for a flexible and adaptable approach. The increase spread of 4G networks has meant that now most clients access the internet through their mobile phones, thereby making up for time-losses and increasingly using internet on the go at all times. It is equally important to note the rise of the internet of things and the wearables, which go hand in hand with demands for constant and high-speed network coverage. Any telecommunications actor today is facing these trends and needs to be able to response in terms of solutions. While most clients today aren’t particularly worried about security yet, security is high on the agenda of governance and regulators. It is Teletech’s priority to devise solutions which guarantee the highest level of protection for clients, who remain, for the most part, easy victims of any possible breach attempt. With over 80 % having shared personal and sensitive information on the internet it is the duty of the IT companies such as ours, to provide for adequate protection levels.

local number portability database

Understanding what is local number portability has helped us grow in the market

Of course there are major differences among world countries as far as advances and network development are concerned, and Teletech understands what is local number portability database variability. This has helped us grow in the market due to the different levels of integrated content and scalability that our products allow. We have understood the rapid growth of mobile phones and are tapping into the circumstances of dependence of clients to their devices. It is commonly known that more than a third of consumers report checking their phones within five minutes of getting up in the morning. Additional 20 percent of them have stated checking their phone 50 times daily. This means that – putting behavioural and psychological risks aside – every telecommunications actor has an interest in gaining new clients and keeping existing ones and generating more profit through network traffic. In this light portability can help bring new customers. It is a fact that more than a fourth of all mobile phones are sold second-hand, creating immense possibilities for growth and additional clients’ acquisition. Telecommunications actors have an interest in devising and marketing strategies that would lure in new clients and sustain relationships with the existing ones. Our solutions guarantee that personalized and customized solutions can be devised for your market approach. We remain at your disposal for answering any questions and will be happy to offer you an in-depth explanation into our approaches. Regardless of your location, we will devise a solution for you.