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Increasing Telecommunication Market Competition with Number Portability

The telecommunication sector is nowadays one of the most important markets and needs to be carefully regulated due to its importance and ever increasing influence on our daily personal and business life. The role of every national regulator is to regularly monitor the telecommunication market in the country, to promote competition, consumer protection, to ensure fairness and efficiency and to intervene in case if any of these conditions are not meet.

Quadon™ NP – Local Number Portability

Quadon™ NP system is designed as an adaptive infrastructure solution to provide a stable, secure, expandable and high availability platform. All vital hardware components are duplicated and configured in HA cluster composition to avoid a single point of failure. To improve system capabilities, service response times, or capacity additional nodes can be seamlessly added.


Quadon™ PostMaster is advanced information system and solution that enables simple, safe, reliable and cost-effective electronic communications and e-commerce. Postmaster allows businesses and individuals to take the simple and reliable way to store, send and receive official, business and other documents, e-mails and other important operational notes and files.

PostMaster eArchive

PostMaster Electronic Archive (PM eArchive) is a high performance, reliable and secure electronic archive for storing various types of documents, images, files, and more. PM eArchive is a complete solution for safe storing of files. PM Archive supports archiving of documents on several repositories on different locations to provide a disaster-proof store for important documents. PostMaster eArchive is a fully compliant JCR and CMIS repository.

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