Do you want to send documents in an electronic way and to have a proof what email and what attachments were submitted? Do you want to have a clear certificate/evidence that email was actually delivered and read? NetPrem is your solution!

It is a service for sending and receiving Postal Registered Emails (PREM). PREM messages can be sent just like any other regular e-mail, but unlike a regular e-mail, the provide you the evidence WHAT was sent, WHEN it was sent, and when it was delivered and opened. All proofs have an electronic timestamp and are electronically signed which provides you with irrefutable evidence what has been sent and when it was sent and delivered.

NetPrem REM is fully compliant with ETSI TS 102-640 standard for Registered Electronic Mail. The full compliance with ETSI standards for REM assures the use of the NetPrem solution delivery of registered e-mails or their proxy.



All delivered registered emails are trusted as they are electronically signed, timestamped by the Timestamp Authority (TSA), encrypted and stored in a safe, secure and accredited electronic archive. At any time the sender can get the information and electronic proof when the registered email was delivered, opened or rejected by the recipient.

PREM messages can be sent using the Web GUI, email clients like Outlook and WS interface, so you can send them from your favorite device, PC, mobile phone or directly from your ERP or CRM system. It is ideal for all companies, e-government, courts, banks, insurance companies, etc. that require proof of delivery but would want to do business in an electronic way. is based on the Quadon™ PostMaster platform that also supports e-delivery for invoices, so you can also deploy your own like service! also enables storing of PREM messages (or regular documents and files) in safe and reliable NetPrem e-Archive. NetPrem E-Archive is based on Quadon™ E-Archive and enables safe and reliable PREM and document retention. All PREM messages and proofs are electronically signed and timestamped and are prepared for Long Time Archiving (LTA). This means you will never ever need to worry where your important messages, documents and proofs are stored.

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