Quadon is Teletech’s registered Trademark and common name for Teletech’s products which indicates high quality and reliable products and IT solutions in the area of Number Portability, electronic communication, archiving and e-banking.

Quadon™ NP gateway

Quadon™ Local Number Portability gateway


Are you an operator and you need to implement Local Number Portability solution into your network? Quadon™ NP Gateway is proven NP gateway for fixed, mobile and VAS operators that enables fast deployment and integration with the NP CRDB and with the operator’s core network elements like HLR/switch, billing, CRM, etc.

Quadon™ NP CRDB

Quadon™ Local Number Portability  Central Reference Database


Quadon™ NP CRDB is complete Local Number Portability platform for deploying Central Reference Database for fixed and mobile Number Portability. Its very flexible design and high configurability enables fast and cost effective deployment – on-site or in the cloud.

Quadon™ PostMaster


Quadon™ PostMaster is advanced information system and solution that enables simple, safe, reliable and cost-effective electronic communications and e-commerce. Quadon™ PostMaster platform is used to provide NetPrem service for sending and receiving trusted and reliable Registered eMail messages.

Quadon™ eArchive


Store your data, documents and NetPrem mails in trusted electronic archive.  Quadon™ eArchive is a fully compliant LTA, JCR and CMIS archive. PostMaster eArchive is a high performance, reliable and secure electronic archive for storing various types of documents, images, files, NetPrem messages, and more. PostMaster eArchive can be used as a simple repository for storing important files, log files, etc. or can be used as a professional central eArchive with activated time stamping, signing and versioning of each document.

Quadon™ RECON

A Quadon™ RECON tool provides complete Number Portability reference to local DB reconciliation tool using Full or Daily DUMP files available on CRDB SFTP defined folder.

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