Quadon™ eArchive

What is Quadon™ E-Archive?

Quadon™ E-Archive (Electronic Archive) is a high performance, reliable and secure electronic archive for storing various types of documents, emails, images and files in general. Quadon™ eArchive is a complete solution for safe storing of files and supports archiving of documents on several repositories on different locations to provide a disaster-proof store for important documents. PostMaster eArchive is a fully compliant JCR and CMIS repository.


Enterprise eArchive

Quadon™  e-archive is fully compatible with RFC4810 – LTA (Long Term Archiving) and ETSI TS 101 903 V1.4.2 (2010-12) – standard of electronic signature. All documents in eArchive are timestamped and electronically signed.

PostMaster eArchive can be used as a simple repository for storing important files, log files, etc. or can be used as a professional central eArchive with activated time stamping, signing and versioning of each document.

PostMaster eArchive can be easily integrated with external time stamp authority (TSA), Certificate Authority (CA), and systems for providing e-business services for electronic exchange of invoices and delivery notes like PostMaster platform.

PostMaster eArchive contains storage serves for storing evidence, original message and all accompanying files in a file content management repository. PostMaster eArchive has an advanced implementation of storage with the following features.

  • RFC4810 – LTA – Long Term Archiving
  • JCR, CMIS types of repository interfaces support
  • Multiple repository support
  • Multiple dislocated repository awareness support
  • Storage Policy, i.e. policy defining how many copies and on how many dislocated repositories the message shall be stored for security purposes.

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