Quadon NP Gateway

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Do you need a reliable system for fully automated administrative and technical porting processes fully compliant with the central number portability database requirements?

What is Quadon™ NP GW?

Quadon™ NP GW is a complete Local Number Portability solution for mobile and fixed operators that perfectly fits into the existing network operator’s infrastructure. Quadon™ NP GW interacts between central number portability database (CRDB) and all operator’s systems that require information about ported numbers and their changed routing information.

Why Quadon™ NP for Operators?

Quadon NP is a complete local number portability solution that enables operators to manage all required number portability processes with central number portability database (CRDB). Quadon NP GW supports both – administrative and technical processes of the number portability.

To manage number portability Administrative processes a Quadon™ QPort Web GUI application can be used or Quadon™ NP GW can be integrated with operator’s billing & provisioning system. With Quadon™ QPort Web GUI Customer Care personnel can access and control all port-out number portability functionalities or they can initiate them through the internal CRM system. Quadon™ NP GW acts as the gateway between the CRDB and the CRM system and translates all CRM activities to corresponding NP actions described by the CRDB and vice-versa.

Quadon™ NP GW supports all required number portability processes like Port-in, Port-out, Porting between other operators, Repatriation, Cooling-off, etc.

Quadon™ NP GW enables All Call Query (ACQ) with real-time routing queries for core network elements and IT systems, e.g. different SMS and VAS services, banking services, etc. Quadon™ NP GW is a highly reliable system with short response times and support for large amounts of traffic.

As per defined Technical processes Quadon™ NP GW is connected and synchronized with the CDB at all time. Quadon™ NP GW takes care that it updates all operator’s relevant network systems to have the correct routing information, e.g. switch, HLR, softswitch, SMSC, billing, provisioning, etc. Operator’s core systems as MSC, HLR, VLR, IN and SMSC can connect and query  Quadon™ MNP GW through different interfaces like SMPP, ENUM, SIP, LDAP, ISUP, INAP, CORBA, WS-I (SOAP), REST, Telnet, HTTP, WS, SFTP, PL/SQL and SQL.

With advanced logging, monitoring, alarming and reporting tools an operator has a full inside view and control of its local number portability solution. Quadon NP GW enables fully customized and proprietary reports that can be exported to HTML, PDF, Excel and CSV.

Reliable NP service





Modular architecture based on open standards


Virtualization environment and Hardware Equipment

Quadon™ NP GW can be installed on physical servers or can work in operator’s existing virtualization environment – e.g. VMWare. The solution can be installed in simple one server configuration or on a fully redundant clustered environment.   Quadon™ NP GW system can also connect and use operator’s existing relational database – e.g. Oracle RAC or any other relational database farm.

Monitoring, Logging, Reporting and Alarming

Quadon™ NP GW solution also provides all required interfaces for system monitoring, logging and alarming. It also provides an advanced and very flexible system for report creation. It allows an operator to execute prepared reports or to create additional customized reports.

Key Benefits

  • Complete support for all number portability processes
  • Mobile and fixed number portability support
  • Can be installed on physical servers or on virtualization platform
  • Best tools and solution for small and large operators
  • VAS support – Infrastructure ENUM and Local Loop Unbundling
  • Support for repatriation process

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