Quadon RECON

Quadon™ RECON: the CRDB to LRDBs reconciliation tool

A single solution for reconciliation of Reference Data Base of ported numbers from CRDB side with individual operator Local Routing Data Base (LRDB). 

What is Quadon™ RECON?

A Quadon™ RECON tool provides complete Number Portability reference to local DB reconciliation tool using Full or Daily DUMP files available on CRDB SFTP defined folder.

HOw does it work?

The logic of reconciliation is to take full extract from CRDB as reference on one side and full dump on LRDB side. Operator’s simply downloads CRDB file by selecting it on SFTP folder and either downloads already prepared LRDB full dump file or executes predefined SQL command to extract DB to file.

With two sources on each side a reconciliation took place, where each entry on reference side is checked with other side. As a result, three lists of entries are displayed on WEB GUI to operator’s administrator.


  • First one is with the entries, that are missing in LRDB compared with CRDB. An insert command is applicable for those.
  • Second one is with entries that has wrong data (i.e. Routing Number of serving operator) in LRDB. An modify command is applicable for those.
  • A third one is a list of numbers, that are not present on CRDB side but are present on LRDB side. In general, a delete action should take place for those entries, but several filters may apply before such action as individual operator might have some entries in LRDB on its own and are correct. Such filter must apply before operator’s administrator select entries to execute a delete command.

Once operators check each list (page) of entries and applies filters if necessary it executes DB synchronisation which effects Quadon™ RECON tool to send a Broadcast messages with adequate command (insert, modify, delete) to operators NP GW WS endpoint. Such mechanism is already in place and used within regular “real time” CRDB to LRDB synchronization.

Reliable service





Simple to use

Real time synchronization

Quadon™ NP GW can be installed on physical servers or can work in operator’s existing virtualization environment – e.g. VMWare. The solution can be installed in simple one server configuration or on a fully redundant clustered environment.   Quadon™ NP GW system can also connect and use operator’s existing relational database – e.g. Oracle RAC or any other relational database farm.

Periodical reconciliation

Quadon™ NP GW solution also provides all required interfaces for system monitoring, logging and alarming. It also provides an advanced and very flexible system for report creation. It allows an operator to execute prepared reports or to create additional customized reports.

Key Benefits

  • Off line synchronization using Quadon™ RECON tool

  • Quadon™ RECON tool is delivered as stand-alone, production-grade application that operators can simply run after copying onto adequate server/computer
  • Operators administrator is using Quadon™ RECON via WEB GUI with very simple and straight forward commands and filter selection.
  • Quadon™ RECON tool is a licence-based tool.

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