With the quadon framework all your IT concerns are addressed

The quadon comprehensive solution lets you handle all number portability aspects together with registered email and billing management while also providing a reliable electronic archiving service. Teletech makes sure to devise solutions that are modular and upgradeable, therefore all parts of the quadon structure and interoperable and modular. As such they can stand alone or be inserted into other parts of the package, or alternatively into your existing other software solutions. Quadon is a value-added in itself, due to its modularity and variability. Together with our expert advice and consulting services, this comprehensive package provides the ultimate ansewr to your IT concerns. Our consultants are able to address your concerns at three service levels, including 24/7. We are a fast-growing and dynamic enterprise. Always on call, we will use all our knowledge to provide a personalized quadon solution.

Easy and reliable number portability assured with quadon np crdb

Quadon np crdb ensures all procedures related to number portability processes. The feature that enables clients to change their mobile or landline carriers without changing their phone number, in increasingly important as a growth indicator for telecommunications actors. Numerous customers, particularly organizations, are hesitant to change the operator, even if they would have cost benefits, if that would entail expenses and particularly the burden of changing a phone number. That is why quadon np is a product ensuring reliable and seamless number portability anywhere in the world. Before March 2008 it took at least 5 working days to port a number in the UK. In Pakistan the duration was 3.5 working days in Pakistan, while in some countries it was much lower. This went as low as 2 hours in United States, or even 20 minutes in the Republic of Ireland, 3 minutes in Australia and even merely seconds in New Zealand. Since then the maximum porting duration has been lowered by the international authorities and according to the latest standards, the porting time has been shortened from two to maximum one working day. Yet many operators opt for much shorter deadlines, which are valued by the consumers. Quadon allows for instant switching.


Assuring number portability anywhere in the world

Versatile number portability processes take place in various procedures and legal frameworks across the globe. According to international and European standards, for clients wishing to port their number to a new operator, a request needs to be made for porting with the old operator and the regulator. All these processes need to be robust and safe, while keeping transparency and traceability. Number portability is of critical importance for telecoms markets since it creates equal possibilities of success for smaller and larger market players. This often favours smaller actors and has been demonstrated in several national circumstances. The client experience of porting can vary by country. In certain countries, any call to a ported number incorporates a declaration that the number has been ported. Also the uptake of porting fluctuates significantly, depending on the market. A report by the Irish controller has shown that more than 3 million Irish mobile numbers were transferred between 2004 and 2013. Operators and telecommunications businesses use this growth to their benefit with the right software solution, such as the Teletech-own quadon.

Teletech provides consulting services on local number portability processes

As stated above, local number portability processes differ among various countries. With telecommunications user statistics on the rise, the trend will not change and we can expect even more users, especially of mobile networks, in the years to come. It is therefore vital to tap into the trend and gain new customers with the help of quadon. Studies have shown the predicted growth in the number of mobile phone users, which in 2019 is posed to pass the five billion mark by 2019. In 2016, an estimated 62 percent of world population were using mobile phones. It is clear that number portability processes need to be efficient, quick and transparent.

Use Teletech’s quadon np crdb for landline and mobile number portability processes

Teletech is a young and fast-growing company of telecommunications enthusiasts, which has already gained international recognition as regards mobile number portability processes. We ensure consulting services and expert advice based on our extensive field experience, recommendations from our satisfied clients and permanent upgrades of our service through technical and learning tools. Our three sales offices are located in Slovenia, the UK and in Tunisia. We provide the software solutions in the language of your choice, and make sure that consulting services are delivered at the level that addresses your demands. Our personalized approach is highly valued across our client range. Our references include public and private stakeholders from countries as diverse as Macedonia, Armenia and the Bahamas. Since our beginnings 15 years ago, we have developed into a key player in this part of Europe. We pride ourselves on the fact that our customer base growth reaches 75 %, while we invest 45 % of our profits into research and innovation.