Quadon postmaster for a complete registered email management

The quadon postmaster was developed by Teletech as a part of the comprehensive quadon framework. The quadon postmaster element is the module for handling all trusted and registered email issues with ease and simplisiry. The module is integrated into the quadon gateway, which manages number portability processes. The component can also stand alone or upgrade other, pre-existing software solutions that might be used in the company. Quadon postmaster is a uniform platform providing e-commerce and services of registered email.

We developed quadon to link all essential software modules for business

Understanding the needs of modern business, we have designed quadon postmaster in a modular and upgradeable way. As such, quadon complete product is unique and extremely variable. Its various components can be used to handle number portability, registered email and e-commerce aspects, but also e-archiving and other portability aspects. Because the security aspects and ease of business should never be underestimated we always develop safe and user-friendly solutions. If you are worried about how cybercrime and information theft could adversely influence your business, you are certainly not alone. It is wise to focus on ensuring the highest possible level of security for your business operations by using the quadon postmaster solution, geared to safeguard your and your clients’ safety.  Currently, there are several distinct threats that are most present in the cyber-world, any of which could harm your image, brand and operations. Sometimes cyber attacks can lead to a loss of crucial customer information, which not only harms the image, but also has important and wise-spread security consequences.

quadon postmaster

Our trusted email solution lets you choose the trusted email domains

One of the most effective ways to ensure security of your processes and information is using trusted email software and choosing your own trusted email domains. With the Teletech quadon postmaster solution, your handling of email becomes straightforward and comprehensive: you can use it for registering email and proof of receipt, time-stamping and billing and provisioning. The majority of security breaches occur because of poor email security. In the most recent US Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) it is suggested that 66 percent of malware introduced on attacked systems come through email connections. Password security and weak systems are easy targets. That is why we even more strongly recommend that you opt for the quadon postmaster professional solution to your email management. Email security starts and ends with password security. Weak, random and powerless passwords are never going to shield your enterprise from information theft or hacking. Experts recommend that companies invest in monitoring passwords that are used by individuals in the various parts of the firm to really make sure there is no leak possibility. If threats exist, they should be minimized. It is relatively difficult to crack a protected secret password. The main option for a hacker programmer to break into your framework is on the off chance that they use a word speculating software, which can go through combinations of words and numbers. You can avoid these security threats and real dangers of breaking your passwords if you choose your passwords wisely. Our experts recommend that you opt for complex keys, which will take more time to break. Did you know that passwords that follow our experts’ guidelines on composition would take 200-500 years to break? Our expertise in the field and the quadon postmaster solution are based on best practices and first-class expert training.

For converting electronic documents we propose e-archiving

Working digitally is a growing feature of today’s business and enterprises increasingly encounter the need for converting electronic documents. This option is included in our e-archiving solution, which helps to reliably and safely archive all different types of documents electronically. It supports various modes of archiving documents in different locations, which helps protect against attacks and threats. It is fully compliant will all rules and regulations and very easy to use. Teletech is an agile and flexible actor in the telecommunications field, therefore we always strive to develop solutions with a high added value. Our quadon modules are all upgradeable and can function as stand-alone or in combination with other elements. The e-archiving solution is no exception. Many businesses, authorities or financial actors will choose for some parts of the frameworks, and keep their existing procedures and software, guaranteeing continuity of business and avoiding disturbance of staff. This being said, all our products are made to be user-friendly, yet we are always open for suggestions on improvements. The personal note is our signature, as we honestly believe in having a personal relation with our clients. We will make sure to give you a customized offer, based on your activities and real needs. Contact us through our website, email or phone for more information. We’re always happy to receive you in one of our offices worldwide! You can find all contacts and useful information at the Teletech website, featuring all our services.