Quadon software solution for integrated number portability

The quadon software framework is designed to address all your number portability issues. Whether you’re an operator, a regulator or a telecommunications provider’s outlet, you’ll find the module for your use within the quadon package. What is more, the system is easily integrated with other modules from Teletech and was designed for upgrades and up scaling. The quadon software solution is a comprehensive answer to your number portability processes, which sometimes threaten to become non-transparent and difficult to track. With its structured and modular design, the quadon solution lets you control all the number portability processes, as well as supervise the links between the central database and all the stakeholders, while letting you the possibility to upscale with a registered email component and electronic archiving app. The web application for net portability is part of the quadon system. With this solution TeleTech has even broadened its client reach and has been able to address more potential customers in various countries. Due to its specific structure the Quadon solution is able to easily adapt to existing software and integrate or upgrade on it.


Teletech quadon™ np gateway is a comprehensive porting tool

Teletech quadon™ np gateway is a number portability solution for operators of mobile and fixed networks. This quadon system was designed in-house and fits seamlessly into all existing network infrastructures. Quadon™ NP GW acts by bridging the gaps between the central number portability database (CRDB) and the systems of all operators which call upon it for obtaining information on the  ported numbers and the data about the routing changes. Developed by experts with many years of field experience, quadon is an example of the integrated modular way of working that we promote. The connectivity of things and networks, be it physical or digital, is a key feature of our work, and we work with the end-user in mind. Therefore, we are building upon existing networks and adding the new elements in such a way so that nothing is lost. Through this, a new integrated layer develops, which is built on your base with our add-ons. Quadon can work remotely, server- or cloud- based. We know that consistent broadband network is ever more accessible, which sets a level-playing field for smaller and larger telecommunications actors. With regards to remote availability over short distances, WiFi is difficult to beat, and quadon can easily work with it as well. The up and coming age of WiFi will have the same or better quality than today. Some predict that by 2020, over 90% of remote hotspots will be carrier grade.

The Nr 1 number portability solution for all your local number portability process

As Teletech also develops products for billing, emailing and electronic archiving, one of the main focuses remains providing number portability solutions. The local number portability processes can differ between countries and continents, and always depend on the national regulations. Therefore our proposed solution can adapt to any circumstances and is usable in any national porting frame. This means that it complies with all standards and legal demands. In line with the valid technical procedures Quadon™ NP GW is constantly associated and synchronized with the central porting database. The system is made so that it refreshes all operator’s important system frameworks to have the right steering data, e.g. switch, HLR, softswitch, SMSC, billing, provisioning etc. Operator’s core frameworks can link up and question Quadon through various interfaces. The high-level logging, checking and detailing features mean an operator has a full inside view and control of its nearby number portability processes. The system can be introduced on physical servers or can work in exiting virtual set-ups. It can likewise interface and utilize the operator’s current relational database – e.g. Oracle RAC or another similar database.

Trust the expert on mobile number portability processes

A rapidly-growing actor in this part of Europe, the TeleTech company is a leading provider of integrated solutions for mobile number portability processes. Our expertize grows from field experience and the constant learning which we engage in. Several of our developers have worked with the top experts in IT and our company has grown from one outlet to having several subsidiaries in different continents. We follow the latest trends and will provide a solution, adapted to your needs. In this approach we are valued across national borders and can keep up with the big actors of the sector. Yet our approach differs and is never corporate. We will always strive to deliver the quadon customization that you need to have the solution to your particular issue. When you receive an offer from us, it is always customized to integrate with your existing software solutions. You’ll find a comprehensive overview of our services on our website where you’ll also find the relevant contacts and addresses. Contact us for an offer, adapted to your needs.