Quadon is a comprehensive solution for handling complex IT issues

Quadon is a software package, developed in-house by Teletech. This young and agile telecommunications provider from Slovenia is marked by the variability and flexibility of its products. Our comprehensive solution to your IT issues provides high-quality service, from handling network portability to ensuring registered email and electronic archiving. All our quadon products are marked by a high degree of interactive functionality, and can be used alone or in upgradeable packages. We have made sure that our quadon modules are upgradeable and integrated within existing software used by our clients. Only excellent service is good enough for us, and we strive to deliver only top level solutions to our clients. In the course of our rapid growth we have been able to keep the customized and dedicated approach, which sets us apart from the competition. Qauadon modularity, together with our own dedicated expertise and the flexibility of our personalized approach, have allowed us to become one of the major telecommunication actors in this part of Europe. Quadon is an increasingly recognised trademark worldwide, which is supported further by our presence in several continets. We have offices in Slovenia, the UK and Tunisia, where we will be happy to receive you in the language that you speak. Our solutions are customized and adapted.


The quadon archive for easy storage and links with other modules

Quadon software solutions comprise several modules, one of which is the quadon archive. It is a high-quality and secure electronic solution for keeping different sorts of reports, messages, pictures and records on file. The quadon archive is fully in line with standards RFC4810 – LTA (Long Term Archiving) and ETSI TS 101 903 V1.4.2 (2010-12) – standard of electronic signature. It is completely integrated with our other Quadon modules, like registered email and billing service, quadon postmaster. The quadon archived documents are all carrying a time stamp and an electronic signature. In this way, non-authentic use of your file is almost impossible. Nevertheless, all our experts recommend a two-tier verification of all your accesses. This means an additional layer of safety insurance to your documents.

Use the quadon software for storing computer files in different locations

If you worry about the size of your computer or server about storing computer files, you’ll be happy to know that all quadon solutions are either server or cloud based. In this way, you can always have access to all your important documents, regardless of their size and format. We all know that data, regardless of how it is at first delivered or gathered, is turning into an undeniably profitable resource for businesses today. The urgency to store data and all kinds of information is increasing and companies depend on easy access and storage of data for the future. It is therefore valid to insist on finding a user-friendly, yet reliable and robust method to store and pull information in electronic form. Quadon provides the answer to all your concerns, also as regards data security and availability. It is important to ensure effective handling of data over every phase of its lifecycle – from its creation to its storage or filing, while at the same time ensure advantages in cost cutting and reliable execution. It is equally important for all Teletech developers that our products go hand in hand with the technological advances and keep the pace with innovation, while at the same time ensuring a balance of monitoring expenses and information security.

Never worry about storing large files anymore

Teletech has also used the modular approach to ensure easy storing of large files, either cloud or server based. Be it within the quadon archive system or another qauadon component, you will not have to provide the space you need for its operation. We value our clients’ time and money, therefore we have made everything aseasy and intuitive as possible. The upscale options for our products include their integration into existing structures and upgrades during their lifespan. As concerns electronic archiving, it can be linked to your billing and provisioning systems and email handling service. In this way business can become as automatized and self-running as possible, without compromising the business continuity processes or quality levels. You can also digitalize and archive your existing paper records. What is more, companies utilizing electronic documents can respond to new processes, tools and methods much quicker and with greater flexibility, which raises their added value on the market. Covering the full data lifecycle, quadon offers customized answers for every business need, from adapting and streamlining procedures to ensuring trusted emailing and billing, not to mention streamlining forms. Our specialized expertise and personal relationship to customers are a trademark, built on years of fieldwork. The quadon product that we deliver is made to measure in as much as possible to keep in line with standards and ensure the necessary cost balance.