Naložbo sofinancira Republike Slovenija in Europska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.

Project RRI2 – R&D project: »Nanosensor for fast and non-destructive detection of quality / freshness of food – Sens4FoodQ«

Partners: TELETECH Telekomunikacijske tehnologije, proizvodnja, posredništvo, trgovina in svetovanje d.o.o. (Lead partner; T. Gačnik); IOS, Institute for Environmental Protection and Sensors ltd (Partner; A. Lobnik)

Description: The proposed R&D project presents the development of the personalized sensing system Sens4FoodQ, which will enable non-destructive detection of food quality / freshness based on advanced optical functional nanosensor receptors with the help of a miniaturized detection system related to mobile technology. The goal is to develop a highly technologically demanding sensor system, which, in its usefulness, will be easy, light, small, affordable and suitable for wider use.

»The operation is partly financed by RS and EU funds (European Regional Development Fund).« (

Budget: 982.515 €.

Duration:  7.2.2018 – 6.2.2020