Teletech’s spin-out company Skylabs has, together with University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, succesfuly launch its very firs nano-satelite called TRISAT within ESA space mission Vega.

TRISAT has been successfully deployed into SSO at 550 km above the sea level. Soon after separation, the TRISAT’s beacons has been already successfully detected in Texas, USA. Few hours later, at the very first pass over Maribor, the satellite beacon has been received also by TRISAT primary ground station in Maribor. Now, the TRISAT LEIS team at the Faculty for electrical and computer science have initiated the commissioning phase, which is the second part of today’s successful story about TRISAT.

The status and condition of the TRISAT satellite can be monitored live in Slovenian and English on the website