Mobile number portability

Mobile number portability

The question of mobile number portability has been one of the most important in telecommunications markets since the introduction of mobile phones. Teletech, a rapidly growing IT company based in Slovenia, has become a major player in the field due to their flexible, agile and personalized approach. In telecommunications, the accent is turning from standardized to personalized services and number portability is a major factor in gaining new clients and keeping old ones. Expectations of the market are high and comprise everything from innovation-based services regarding applications and cloud-based computing to landline and mobile networks, while internet access and software solutions also have a very important stake. With the world increasingly connecting and the wide-ranging Wi-Fi coverage the development of internet of things and artificial intelligence, the role of telecommunications is that of assuring seamless and easy procedures for consumers in their everyday lives, mobile number portability service being one of them.

mobile number portability

A well managed mobile portability service can increase profitability

While in some countries it can still take a few days to assure a reliable mobile portability service due to various external factors, Teletech has done everything to make sure that instant processes can be executed. The market has become very demanding, with phone calls being the business’ greatest income generator. Nevertheless, due to advances in system innovation, the accent in telecommunications today is less about voice and progressively about content. Mobile portability services allow operators to reliably guide consumers through the change of operator without visibly interrupting the data flow. Clients expect no long delays in accessing their email and uploading photos or watching videos. Knowing that the majority of users’ accesses the internet through their mobile devices, it is imperative to assure rapid web access and instant availability of data. As far as signal transmission goes, the trend in telecommunications is almost exclusively geared towards cable transmissions, for which telecommunications cables, coaxial cables or transmissions via the power grid or, increasingly  wireless are being used. It has been only as of recent that optical telecommunications lost their importance in the area of infrared remote controls and modems. Any telecommunications comany needs to understand the complexities of the market development in recent decades to be able to offer solutions that can leverage on the trends and adapt to rapid changes.

Quadon is a mobile number portability solution for mobile number portability process

Teletech’s own mobile number portability solution Quadon is an integrated tool, which can be used for all mobile number portability process and related procedures. With our references ranging from governance actors and private peer companies to IT operators and regulators alike we have managed to obtain a big pool of relevant experience which is used to assure the highest quality and modularity. Quadon is an upgradeable system, which can exist as an independent solution or can be integrated into applications that are being used by the stakeholder. It is compatible with all file formats and can function as a bridge or link to other Teletech applications in the areas of billing and archiving or registered email. In this way Quadon adds additional layers of flexibility and customized service to any solution offered to the client.

mobile portability service

We never underestimate the mobile number portability meaning

With Teletech’s young and motivated team, which understands the mobile number portability meaning and potential, we have done our utmost for a flexible and state-of-the –art service, offered to our clients. In the years of our rapid growth this approach has been confirmed several times, making us on of the most important players in this part of Europe. Our expertise includes experience gained in major IT companies at world scale. At this moment, effective worldwide capacity to exchange information over telecommunications networks was has an average growth rate of 28% per year. If we understand that this corresponds to the informational value of 2 daily newspaper pages per person per day in 1986, and 6 full daily newspapers per person per day in 2007, we can begin to grasp the whole potential and vast area of possibilities as presented by this sector. As experts and enthusiasts in the field, we make sure to employ first-rate personnel, thereby making sure to have the capacity to address clients’ needs in all their specificities. Our offices are spread among several countries, so please feel free to contact any of the,. You can find us in Slovenia, the UK and Tunisia, where we assure comprehensive coverage of all processes, while respecting national rules and regulations. We are a major player in the Balkans and have obtained very positive references from governance actors at the highest level. You are in well-trusted hands of our developers who have the skills and the knowledge to devise solutions with specific issues in mind.