One of the major telecommunication actors in the Central and Eastern European area, Teletech has continued its success story in 2018. We have again gained valuable contracts and important clients, while keeping our customer-oriented and agile approach. The secret of our success remains our hard work and dedicated solutions, which can be adapted to suit any clients’ needs. With our presence now extending from the Balkans to the UK and back into Tunisia, we are ready to cover different continents and languages. The trust of clients worldwide has encouraged us to push our boundaries and tap into the growth of the telecommunications markets all over the globe. In line with major industry developments, we have been able to adapt our services to the fact that the mobile landscape is getting more power and influence from the users’ side. All our activity reflects that and we have been actively developing our solutions to adapt them to the changes in the industry trends. Devices of clients globally can now we ported to all networks and all service plans. This means that software solutions need to be able to follow the clients’ moves between devices. Networks need to be able to give comparable levels of service anywhere, as consumers demands are increasing daily. IT actors need to be able to adapt to these circumstances and can gain immense value from flexibility and modularity. We have again proven that these are our key features, and remain among the highest growing actors in this part of Europe.


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We have convinced governance actors from near and far

In terms of number portability, our modular and upgradeable solution Quadon has increased its deployment in various jurisdictions. This is one of the main assets of our approach: regardless of the national rules and regulations, the number processes are assured and the software solutions can be linked to existing modules, as well as to other features, such as billing, archiving and registered email. We have launched several major contracts assuring number portability processes last year, and will continue to do so, notably for the ECTEL states – Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The actual launch has been set for 14th of January 2019. We have been successful in cooperating with a local partner in Bangladesh, where we also started mobile number portability in October 2018. We gained the trust of Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies last August as well. They published the CRDB interface specifications to provide all service providers with the required information, thereby allowing for even speedier and more efficient processes. We were selected to assure Barbados Number Portability Clearinghouse Services and are eagerly developing customized approaches to accommodate the specificities of the market.

Flexibility and customized approach are our main assets

In Slovenia, we have successfully closed a deal on providing and maintaining software solutions for an internal e-audit project in the framework of the national Budget Supervision Office of Slovenia. The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund and aimed at creating a uniform program aid for the interior processes of audit and controlling the stakeholders in the budgetary procedure. The software will help support sound public finances and contribute towards well-functioning budgetary procedures in Slovenia. We are very happy and excited to be able to embark upon the development and launch of the solutions in the coming year. Once again, this is a proof for us that our vision and mission are noticed and appreciated.

We continue to serve the customer with greatest attention

Teletech has managed to remain on top of the growth wave in the industry by being alert and flexible, always keeping the customer in the centre of the focus of activities. This has been highly appreciated by the market, by governance and business alike. Understanding the developments of the market has been immensely important for us to be able to respond properly. With increased use of the mobile instead of the fixed internet, the issue of number portability has gained even more momentum. Consumers are now using mobile internet for completing tasks that were reserved for home or office work before. A lot of time is spent on social networks, but also for leisure activities like watching and streaming content, video calling, uploading and downloading large files to and from clouds. Mobile operators have also seen and used a window of opportunity, which will continue and accelerate as the national 5G networks are rolled-out. Teletech stands ready to tap into and support this trends, while remaining a loyal and reliable service provider for private and public endeavours alike. Our motto is that nothing is too difficult to handle, and that everyone deserves a chance. We have built our reputation on service orientation and have gained new trust from clients in the past year. Ready for new challenges we thank you for that and invite you to follow us in the future.