In the era of digitalization of all possible services a delivery of registered mail is one of the rare services that has still been dominated by the »old fashion« service – registered delivery of mail by the regular »physical« post. Due to the expand of different e-Services (e-Commerce, e-Trade, e-Government, e-Courts, e-Payment, etc.) in the past years, the need for trustable, reliable, faster and more efficient electronic equivalent for Registered E-mail delivery has increased significantly.

The Registered Email service (REM) combines the best of the two worlds – availability, speed and simplicity of the regular email service and trust, reliability and proof of deliver of the regular – »physical« registered mail. The REM service also provides much faster feedback when particular message or document has been delivered and even opened by the recipient. Sender and  recipient can also send or accept REM messages anywhere, anytime, on any device, so there are many very undisputed benefits compared to the »regular« registered port and emails.

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The grounds for registered e-delivery have been set in 2008 by the two standards – ETSI TS 102 640 set by European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) and the UPU-S52 standard published by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Both standards define how REM service should provide an electronic delivery of messages and documents and how different certificates of delivery are structured and provided. The standards have already been widely accepted by a number of national and private owned post offices across the World and became a defacto standards for registered e-delivery.

The REM service is most commonly used to send important documents where proof of delivery needs to be preserved for number of years. From this reason the REM service is most commonly integrated with e-archive service which ensures the stored certificates of delivery are stored on safe place and remain valid for required period of time.

NetPrem REM is Teletech’s solution for registered e-mail delivery. The solution is fully compliant with ETSI and UPU standards. NetPrem REM enables creation, editing and delivery of registered mails by using a trusted and secure REM web portal or by using other well known email IMAP clients like Outlook, Mozilla, etc. In addition to REM delivery it provides full support for e-business exchange (e-invoices, delivery notes, receipts, etc.) and it also integrates with NetPrem E-Archive for electronic archiving of REM messages, documents and delivery certificates. NetPrem E-Archive is fully compatible with RFC4810 – LTA (Long Term Archiving) and ETSI TS 101 903 V1.4.2 (2010-12) – standard of electronic signature. All documents in NetPrem eArchive are timestamped and electronically signed. Read more about the NetPrem REM and NetPrem eArchive.

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