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Teletech is leading global IT services and operations company focused on telecommunication. From upgrading network technology to rolling out new products and services.

Number Portability Central Reference Database

Quadon™ NP is flexible, reliable and secure solution for Number Portability Central Reference Database designed for large and small scale deployments.

Number Portability Gateway

Quadon™ Number Portability Gateway is complete Number Portability solution for fixed and mobile operators, supporting administrative and routing part of the Number Portability.


Send any document in an electronic way and have an electronically timestamped and electronically signed evidence of WHAT was sent, WHEN it was sent, and when it was delivered and opened.

Teletech launched the NPC solution in Barbados

Teletech is proud to announce the launch of its Quadon© Number Portability Clearing House solution in Barbados as of 26. January 2023, allowing mobile and fix telecommunication operators in Barbados, to allow users to port fixed and mobile numbers, quickly, controlled...

Teletech d.o.o. is looking for beginner programmers in Slovenia.

Teletech d.o.o., a provider of SaaS solutions in the field of number portability over 20 countries around the world, is announcing: Open position: Beginner programmer We are looking for a person whose personal characteristics are more important than immediate in-depth...

Teletech to provide cloud based NP Gateway solutions in Guyana

Teletech successfully provided Cloud based NP Gateway solution for Guyana's local Mobile and Fixed operator. Integration is in progress. For the Number Portability project introduction in Guyana, Teletech has successfully provided its own cloud based NP GateWay...
26.January 2023 |Teletech is proud to announce the launch of its Quadon© Number Portability Clearing House solution in Barbados.
18.October 2022 | Teletech successfully provided Cloud based NP Gateway solution for Guyana’s local mobile and fixed operator. Integration is in progress.
22. April 2021 | UNN has successfully launched Teletech’s Number Portability solution in Brunei.
3. September 2020 | Slovenian first self-developed nano satellite in space
27. February 2020 | UNN has selected Teletech to provide Fixed and Mobile Number Portability Clearinghouse solution for Brunei.
30. May 2019 | Launch of Mobile Number Portability on June 3. in all ECTEL jurisdictions – – St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada and Dominica.
12. April 2019 | Soft launch of Quadon NP CRDB in St. Vincent and Grenadines, Dominca and St. Lucia


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Teletech INC.

We provide our partners with services of an exceptional team specializing in support, telecommunication and IT fields. We enable national regulators and network providers to increase their efficiency by providing them with high quality telecommunication products and IT solutions.


From our start in 2004, we became a global, high technology, outsourcing and management consulting company specialised in development of products, providing software and hardware solutions, services and consultancy in the field of telecommunications, internet, banking and information technology.

Our mission is to provide our customers unique, innovative and high quality products and solutions, and to support our partners and customers to realise their vision by using our products. 


in 21 countries worldwide


Number Portability Solution Provider in Slovenia

DB Provider in Ukraine

Mobile and Fixed Number Portability gateway solution for Telenor Montenegro


Number Portability Service Provider in Saint Lucia

Number Portability Service Provider in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Number Portability Service Provider in Grenada


CDB Provider in Armenia

Fixed Number Portability gateway solution for Cable Bahamas

Fixed Number Portability gateway solution for Aliv, The Bahamas


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Number Portability environment is constantly changing

Introducing of Number Portability (NP) within one jurisdiction could be driven by different drivers and obligations, but two of them usually have its significance in decision making. We should introduce NP because we must or because we want it. First one is driven in...

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Teletech Solutions: Netprem REM

In the era of digitalization of all possible services a delivery of registered mail is one of the rare services that has still been dominated by the »old fashion« service – registered delivery of mail by the regular »physical« post. Due to the expand of different...

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Mobile portability

As mobile portability increasingly plays an important role in determining consumer behaviour, many companies and telecommunications actors realise that it is not a self explanatory field. All of the complexities and national characteristics are handled by the...

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  TELETECH’S REGISTERED TRADEMARK. High quality, reliable products and IT solutions in the area of Number Portability, electronic communication, archiving and e-banking.  


  SAFE WAY TO COMMUNICATE. Send and receive trusted and reliable Registered eMail messages, get electronically signed proofs and timestamps when Registered mail was sent, delivered and opened.  

Media klik

  A GROUP OF PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS. Media monitoring, video and audio analysis, finger printing, brand monitoring and content archiving.  


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