Teletech d.o.o., a provider of SaaS solutions in the field of number portability over 20 countries around the world, is announcing:

Open position: Beginner programmer

We are looking for a person whose personal characteristics are more important than immediate in-depth knowledge of programming. However, an education in electrical engineering and/or computer science and basic knowledge of programming languages ​​and environments/tools is desirable. Basic knowledge means that the person has already encountered the mentioned technology, either as part of their studies or on their own initiative.

Desirable personal qualities are consistency, reliability, punctuality, self-initiative, honesty, goal-orientedness and communicativeness.

Areas where basic knowledge of technologies is desirable are:

  • Java programming language,
  • Java EE, Java EE application/web servers (JBoss, Wildfly, Tomcat, Undertow, or similar), possibly SpringBoot
  • Eclipse or IntelliJ development environment,
  • working with relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, possibly also PostgreSQL)

Please send your resumes, where we expect descriptions of your personal characteristics and previous experience (not necessarily in the form of previous jobs, some projects or independent work are enough) to