Mobile portability

Mobile portability

As mobile portability increasingly plays an important role in determining consumer behaviour, many companies and telecommunications actors realise that it is not a self explanatory field. All of the complexities and national characteristics are handled by the comprehensive mobile portability solution by Teletech, Quadon. This mobile portability solution is a way to link all existing applications already used by the operator or the regulator, and upgrade them with the necessary elements for a seamless and secure mobile portability process. Teletech with its expertize and experts is a trustworthy partner for all concerned, and our growing base of references is a proof of our quality.

mobile portability

We are experts for all processes of number portability: landline and mobile

Portability processes are assured by Teletech on a regular scale, and in all fields, which includes number portability of landline and mobile numbers. It is customary for telecommunications clients to choose operators on the basis of offers and advantages, whereby keeping the number regardless of the operator is increasingly a precondition. Numbers from original networks are being transferred to new ones with the use of the transfer directory database. Most countries nowadays have harmonised their rules and regulations, which means that portability processes are largely similar anywhere in the wolrd.Teletech as a leading actor in CEE has the experience and know-how needed to be able to guide you through these regulations, regardless of your location. Teletech has developed modular software elements, which can be inserted into the existing IT architecture and allow for seamless portability processes in all dimensions and directions.

Increasingly, the  benefits of number portability exceed the cost of number portability

Experts and stakeholders agree that the benefits of number portability justify and by far exceed the cost of number portability, landline and mobile. Businesses alone are convinced that their profit would decrease if their visibility and continuity were jeopardised by discontinuing their phone numbers. Indeed the main purpose of number portability is to fight monopolistic practices of telephone actors and to allow for a free competition space within the telecommunications field. As such, portability is encouraging competition and leads to more choice for consumers. Nowadays, all serious network operation need to integrate number portability into their business practices.

cost of number portability

Our mobile number portability system Quadon is presented at our website

Teletech devises solutions which are modular, this being the case also fort the mobile number portability system Quadon. It can be integrated into existing tools and upgraded with features concerning billing, archiving and registering email. All elements and additional information are available from our website. We would be happy to adapt our solutions to your needs, as we understand that your demands will depend on your location and situation. We ensure customised solutions based on your business processes. Our offices in several countries are at your disposal and we wait to hear from you. Should you be in the neighbourhood, we would be most happy to welcome you in person. If not, call us or send us an email, we will prepare you a personalized offer.